Frequently Asked Questions

01. Who licenses and supervises FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY?

FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is licensed and audited by the Florida Department of Education (FL-DOE) under the ICD- # 5826 register. It is inspected annually and in detail by the Independent Education Commission, which is a FL-DOE commission responsible for private institutions based in Florida.

02. What is the license number which makes diplomas valid?

Licensing is an act of Florida-based private education institutions are done by the Commission for Independent Education - Florida Department of Education. The registration number is ICD- # 5826 (ICD-License # 5826) with FL-DOE. This license made your diploma is valid in the USA.

03. Is FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY accredited or recognized by MEC?

FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY has no relation with the MEC of Brazil. We are an American University licensed by the Florida Department of Education. We follow the US quality standards for teaching and our diplomas are valid only here.

04. Can I revalidate my diploma from FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in Brazil?

Yes. All international diplomas are possible to be valid in Brazil, but the interested parties must follow the MEC rules, FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is not responsible for this revalidation.

05. Are FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY diplomas valid in the USA?

Yes. FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is a regulated higher education institution in the United States of America. Each of the courses offered was individually evaluated and approved by the Florida Department of Education.

06. Does FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY assists in obtaining a student visa (Form I-20)?

No. Our classes are 100% online, students can take them directly from their home country.

07. Does FACEAR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY work with scholarships?

Yes. For more information click here.